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The Story 45

What’s a story without a blazing inferno?

Leinster Hall is now home to The Stack – private members club and public brasserie. The illustrious 160-year old lady has been given a second youth, a coiffe and polish that sees her Georgian structure and Victorian fretwork shining. She knows a club of note when she sees one, The Cape Town Club having had its time there, and gracefully survived a serious blaze just after The Stack moved in. She is back, she has a story to tell and a lot longer life to live yet.

The odds are stacked in our favour.

The Stack was born on a fragrant afternoon in the monsoon season. Rain and gin flowed, as did the imaginations of Nigel Pace and Sarah Ord. Plinkety-plunk music in the background and the smell of far off places left them firmly convinced that the world needed their respective talents as hotelier and designer to bring home the idea of a special space where like-minded, fabulously interesting people come to share their love of all things fine.

The Stackers

Nigel Pace​

Interesting inspires the interested

Nigel knows all there is to know about splendid service. He really should just write the book on it. Having steered the helm of many a fine establishment, including the likes of The Plettenberg, Cape Grace, Singita and Niyama, it was about time he put his talents to his own benefit.

The Story 47
Sarah Ord

Interesting inspires the interested

Sarah, in her travels, has been on the receiving end of such excellence and strives to showcase it in her inimitable colourful and eclectic style. Famous for her taste in design and all things beautiful, she has built a reputation as an interior decorator one should really have to dinner.

The Story 49
Kyle Bownes

He’s interesting. Yes, he is.

Fully on top of things upstairs, downstairs. Can’t you tell? Behind the scenes, he is just as effective and we hope you will agree, things are getting slicker around here. Kyle hails from deep in this industry with illustrious time spent with the Morgans Hotel group in the UK. And of course you know him from Caprice.​

The Story 51
Inga Baker-Haigh​

She’s so interesting, she changed her stage name to her real name.​

Organized has a name and it sounds Swedish. Do not be fooled by those big blue eyes. After all, blue is the colour! Recently returned from the hallowed potting shed of Petersham Nurseries under Skye Gyngell to up our ante and manage our esteemed members.​

The Story 53
Nicole Jacobs

She’s got you sorted!​

Nics will have you seated, sorted and swigging in no time. Everyone loves her – from staff to members to suppliers – so show her some Stack love!

The Story 55
Peter Pankhurst

For long-time foodies in Cape Town, this man needs no introduction.

Peter was Head Chef at the iconic Savoy Cabbage for 19 years. He’s brought his priceless skill and understanding of beautiful flavours to The Stack and we promise, you’ll love it! Talent in pairing food and wine? No one does it better than Peter Pankhurst!

The Story 57
Candice Baker

Find Candice in her “office” in the Members’ lounge.

Not from the traditional marketing background, from the whisky industry she found her way to The Stack, “one of Cape Town’s coolest spots”. Doubling up as the unofficial camera gal for The Stack’s Social media and hosting Whisky tastings, she’s a touch diverse.

The Story 59
Neil Cannon

Neil’s journey to The Stack is filled with adventure .

From cheffing at Savoy Cabbage to the USA and the cruise ships. His natural skill in running a busy kitchen with total ease and crafting new mouth-watering dishes, set him a side from any ordinary Sous chef. And, did we mention he’s a whizz at making and decorating beautiful cakes? Talented even if we say so ourselves….

The Story 61
Daniel Yarrington

You may know this familiar face from Grand Provence in Franschhoek.

Daniel is our latest Stacker and we are so glad he left the leafy vineyards for the vibey city! He’s a trained Sommelier so next time you’re looking for a wine recommendation, Daniel’s your man!

The Story 63
Junias Manomano

This man has it all organised!

Junias is your man! His upward journey at The Stack from Barmen to Beverage Manager has been a brilliant and well-deserved one! His positive energy is contagious, come and say “hi” next time you’re here!

The Story 65
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