Snow Leopard Vodka

Snow Leopard Vodka – who would have ever thought that a vodka can save an endangered species?

Since the 1800’s water and ethanol (and many other ingredients) have been mixed and distilled to produce vodka. But recently it’s the element of celebrity endorsements which have added an extra flavour to the popular alcoholic beverage. Unlike it’s competitors, which includes the celebrity backed Ciroc, Cruz, Absolut and Russian Bear; Snow Leopard vodka has a different take on endorsements-  for every bottle purchased 15 percent goes to the Snow Leopard Trust which works in Central Asia.

 Available for a limited time only at The Stack in Cape Town, proceeds from local sales will go to the Cape Leopard Trust. It’s estimated that there’s only 500 Cape leopards remaining in the wild in the Western Cape.

And now onto the vodka- the conservation element has not watered down the taste and flavour of the vodka. It’s still a premium product and taste. Produced at a distillery in Poland, it’s made with spelt grain (a wheat grain that requires fewer fertilizers) and distilled six times. The man behind the both the vodka, Stephen Sparrow, gave up his job as a lawyer in the London and is equally passionate conservation as he is the vodka.

“When discovered what spelt grain was I wanted to use it and found the perfect distillery,” says Stephen. The result is a smooth silky finish from the first sip to the last and a great flavour in Snow Leopard vodka.

At The Stack they have created a Conservation Martini which has dry vermouth and rosemary in an ice filled glass which brings out the best in the vodka.

The Conservation Martini


75ml of Snow Leopard Vodka

5ml of extra dry vermouth

1 sprig of rosemary


It’s easy to make, add the alcoholic ingredients into an ice filled mixing glass and stir for about 20 seconds and use the rosemary as a garnish.

Nathan Adams –

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