Members Charter

The Stack is a Private Members Club for people with an interest in the finer things in life. It is constituted to encourage social interactions between its members and provide facilities for that purpose. Rules and regulations apply as follows:


(Times may vary subject to special events)

Mon – Fri:        8am till late

Sat:                  10am till late

Sun:                  11am till 11pm

The Stack reserves the right to close the club for private events but will always endeavour to give prior warning.


Membership is individual and non-transferable. Every member binds himself/herself to abide by the rules, by-laws and regulations of The Stack as set out in this Charter upon acceptance as a member. Members must be 18 years of age or older. All membership categories are annually based and are categorized as follows: –

FOUNDING MEMBERS were proposed for membership directly by the Membership Committee and were among the first to join, thereby taking a giant leap of faith which is very much appreciated. As a result, no new founding members will be created. Founding members have the right to propose future members in the annual categories set out below.

CITY MEMBERS are the amazing folk who use The Stack as their daily spot to hang out. They are our individual members who live within 65kms of The Stack.

CITY MEMBERS UNDER 30 are those youngsters who had not yet turned 30 when signing up. Oh very young.

PARTNER MEMBERS are those who live in the same house and adore each other so much they want to be able to go to their club alone.

COUNTRY MEMBERS are those who refuse to pay City of Cape Town rates and therefore live more than 65kms from The Stack.

CORPORATE MEMBERS are those jolly lucky ones who were signed up by their company, organization or association.

UNDER 30 MEMBERS are those who turn 30 in the year of their sign up.

INTERNATIONAL SHORT-TERM MEMBERS are those privileged enough to be in the area and be invited by The Stack to chill at our spot. The Stack may confer temporary membership on a weekly or monthly basis.

DAY MEMBERS are the busy people who are using the Huddle, Cuddle or Screening rooms for the day and have access to The Stack facilities for this duration.


Any individual wishing to apply for membership can do so by completing our online application form. This is then submitted to The Stack’s Membership Department. All information will be treated in strictest confidence.

The applicant will be informed of the Membership Department’s decision when made. If the membership list is closed at the time, the applicant will be put on the waiting list until further notice. No reason shall be given for refusal of an application at any stage.


Membership subscription is based on a yearly contract. The Stack shall determine the rates for all categories of membership annually. Failure to pay the annual subscription by the due date, and one month after being notified by The Stack of that due date, will result in the member not being admitted to The Stack. If after two months the member has not paid the subscription, the membership may be terminated. It is the responsibility of the member to keep The Stack up to date with current mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Members may not change their class of membership when they are still in their current membership contract. When members wish to change their class of membership they can do so at the end of their yearly contract (before renewal) in writing to the Membership committee.


Any member wishing to resign his/her membership must do so in writing or by email to the Membership Department of The Stack. As all membership subscriptions are based on a yearly contract and any resignations mid-way through the contract period will not be refunded.


Should a member infringe the charter of The Stack or make him or herself obnoxious to another member or be considered guilty of misconduct, he or she may face expulsion. Conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation and character of The Stack may also result in expulsion. Such conduct may include violent or abusive behavior, the endangerment of the safety of others and the communication of information concerning The Stack, members or their guests’ affairs to the media.

Any decision related to expulsion shall be at the sole discretion of The Stack’s management. Any deliberations thereon shall be in the strictest confidence and no reasons will necessarily be issued for any decision. If The Stack determines to expel, cancel or suspend the membership of a member, a written notice will be sent to the member by email or to the current address on file. An expelled or cancelled member shall cease to be a member when management’s decision is communicated. No refunds of membership fees will be given to an expelled member. He or she may not return to The Stack as a guest and will not be permitted to use any of the non-member areas either.

MEMBERSHIP PERKS (full list on Perks Page)

  • Member Mondays – 15% off Food & Beverage on a Monday. Not applicable to Stack specials.
  • After Five – 20% off every day on all Food & Beverage ordered in the members’ lounge
  • Airport transfers – Privileged rates on luxury airport transfers with Jarat Tours
  • Access – Access to club and pre-arranged use of meeting rooms. First come first served.Club reserves the right to close for private functions.
  • Reciprocity – Full access and member benefits at over 30 clubs worldwide
  • Hermanos Barber Shop – 20% discount on all services
  • Unraveled Yoga – 20% discount on a 10 class pack and one week free yoga
  • Uber Transfers – Complimentary Uber X transfers from the club ( within 10km). One transfer allowed per member per day.
  • Rooms at The Nellie – Unbeatable member rates at The Mount Nelson.
  • Hooch Lockers – Rent a locker to store your hooch which you purchase from The Stack at our trade price plus 10%.


The Stack may enter into reciprocal arrangements with other Clubs and bodies on such terms as it shall decide from time to time and any such arrangements may be terminated or modified by The Stack.


Members may bring a maximum of three guests on each visit except by prior arrangement.

Guests may not access The Stack without a member present. Members may not leave the premises without the non-member guests that they have signed in on that visit.

Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests and will be financially liable for them.

No person under 18 years of age will be permitted into the club, except when attending a private event.

Members may not abuse the guest policy by consistently bringing the same guest(s) to The Stack. If the guest likes The Stack that much, he or she should apply for membership.


Members and guests should dress however they choose. We tend to make allowances for those with less-than-fabulous taste but draw the line at Halloween costumes in May.


Members and their guests have access to the Screening Room, Huddle Room and Cuddle Room at management’s discretion (on short notice and by reservation in advance). These rooms can be booked subject to availability and change. A fair usage policy will apply, and Stack Management reserves the right to alter room bookings without notice or reason.

Non-members are allowed to book the meeting rooms and become day members for the duration of their booking.

Members have access to book their own private events free of any venue charge however, there will be a minimum spend on food and beverage.

Please talk to our Meetings & Events Manager, Inga Baker-Haigh, for details.


All bills MUST be settled in full before leaving the premises. No credit will be extended. It is the policy of The Stack to accept payment only by cash, credit card or QR code*. Members’ guests may settle bills. In case of guests’ unsettled bills, the outstanding amount will be the responsibility of the member and must be settled within 7 days or membership privileges will be suspended.

*QR codes can be obtained and members can pre-load these by purchasing credit from your waiter or from a manager. Owning a Stack QR code is ideal for members who want to avoid the hassle of having to pay for the odd coffee every time.


Parking on-site may not be reserved in advance. Parking bays will work on a first-come first-serve basis ONLY. Members are not permitted to leave their vehicle parked on The Stack’s premises overnight.


There is complimentary WIFI access available throughout The Stack for members and their guests. All users are asked to be mindful of upload and download bandwidth usage. The Stack does not tolerate the viewing, uploading, downloading or sharing of pornographic or offensive material or tolerate any illegal file sharing or downloading of pirated software, films, television and the like. WIFI access is not guaranteed by The Stack at all times and may periodically be unavailable during network maintenance or neighborhood outages.


While on the property of The Stack, members shall act in a manner that is respectful and courteous to other members, guests, members of staff at The Stack and third parties. Members shall not act in a manner that is harmful, abusive or offensive. Failure to do so will result in eviction and exclusion from the property. Any member deemed to be infringing on the club charter or engaging in misconduct will be required to furnish explanation to The Stack management team. Complaints of misbehavior should be made in writing to The Stack. Misconduct includes breach of the drug policy, theft or damage to any Stack property, or any infringement of the charter.


Any manager of The Stack may exclude or evict any member or guest whose behavior he/she considers in his/her discretion to amount to misconduct. Such exclusion may lead to expulsion from the club. The Stack has the right to exclude any guest without stating a reason.


No member shall use, ingest, possess or distribute illegal drugs, or use, possess or distribute any drugs in an illegal manner while on The Stack’s premises. Any member found to be in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately and may have their membership revoked with no right of appeal. Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior and if guests are found to be in violation of this policy they will be asked to leave immediately. The member who signed them in may have his/her membership revoked.


Any member who removes damages or destroys any article or property belonging to The Stack or to its members or to guests on the premises shall be liable to expulsion. This includes, for example, ashtrays and crockery. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Members or their guests are not allowed to remove newspapers, magazines or any library books from The Stack premises.


It is understood that, unless agreed otherwise, matters raised in conversation between members, and between members and guests, are not to be used for commercial or journalistic purposes. The communication of information concerning The Stack or its members to the media is not permitted.

No member may use The Stack address or membership list for business prospects or advertisement.


While at The Stack, members and guests may check small items, such as coats and bags, with the Reception Desk to be stored in the coat check area. Members must claim all checked items before leaving The Stack’s premises.


No animals will be allowed inside The Stack except licensed guide dogs.


If you have lost an item while at The Stack, please immediately report the lost item to the Reception Desk. When a lost item is found by The Stack, it shall be kept by management for three months. If the owner can be identified, The Stack will report it immediately. After the three month period expires, The Stack will dispose of the property. Please note that The Stack will bear no responsibility over the loss of any property by members or guests including items checked at the Coat Check.


Except by prior arrangement for a specific private function, no cameras or recording equipment may be switched on inside The Stack. When in The Stack, phone ringers must be kept on silent or vibrating mode. Members using their mobile phones must do so in the most discretionary manner possible. Should management feel that a member is causing the slightest disruption to other members, the member may be asked to terminate that call and switch their mobile phone off immediately.

CCTV monitors the Stack premises indoors and outdoors to ensure the safety of members and their guests’ belongings. Management reserves the right to use all CCTV footage in case of an incident.


Bodyguards are not permitted inside The Stack but may remain in the Brasserie or Bar on the ground floor.


Members’ complaints shall be put in writing to a manager and will be fully considered. If a member has any suggestions of ways in which any aspect of The Stack might be improved please tell a manager or put it in writing.


Loss or injury to any member or to any guests or to any goods or property of theirs, on the premises of The Stack, shall not give rise to any claim against The Stack or any employee.


In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of this charter, the matter shall be referred to The Stack’s owners, whose decision shall be final. The Stack has the right to amend this charter from time to time as required by applicable law and members shall be bound by the rules as amended.

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